Ms. Margaret Stanley - Principal

What does a young mind needs to excel in a progressive environment? There are many ideas and thoughts that can be explored. Today, students don’t just need teaching. More than anything else, they need inspiration. It is an information age, driven by knowledge and astute ability. To align themselves in a proper way, to effectively channelize their energies, the kids need a systematic approach. Together, with our combined energies, we wish to provide just that. At MVJ International School, we have worked out on an education program, as per the age groups of the young minds – an expert system that is at par with global standards.

Customizing learning, in the most conducive atmosphere and in the most professional way. That’s what MVJ International School stands for and we believe in giving the children seamless opportunities to explore themselves – to experiment and to evolve! And that is how we foster excellence through excellence. It is how we see the potential intellectual capital flourish. With carefully crafted curriculum and ‘wonder-full’ environment, we at MVJ International School, Intend to equip our students in every way, to help them rise above the masses and establish themselves. We endeavour to create winners – not just passed outs but truly focused bright minds.

Near Chowdeshwari Temple street, Marathahalli
Bangalore - 560 037.


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