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A splendid architecture with comfortable furniture reflecting a kid’s imagination and a concern for convenience. Here the young impressionable minds will be encouraged to re-define, re-discover and re-invent existing theories so that they may develop their capacity and intelligence to the fullest. The ambience will sustain student's academic and socio-emotional needs thus excelling, not just in the classroom but also in the sport field, art and culture. The austerity of the ancient gurukula may have been appropriate for earlier times, but modern education calls for much more from school campus. MVJ International School spares no efforts in providing the facilities and equipment that are required for modern education–sophisticated, state-of-the-art laboratories, computer lab with internet access and advanced computer packages. An exclusive central library with about 3000 books and subscriptions to informative national international journals.


“Shape Characters,
Mould Minds and
Nurture Talents”
“We envisage a world that totally belongs to the power of knowledge and intelligence, by providing holistic education and preparing the young generation with character”
"To provide world class
education in our chosen
field and prepare
people of character,
calibre and vision
for building of the
future world”